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LE:NOTRE Institute Membership 2015
Become a supporter of the LE:NOTRE Institute now and join an international and interdisciplinary landscape community and be able to:
  • Enjoy reduced rates to take part in the annual LE:NOTRE Landscape Forums and other seminars
  • Have access at all times to the log-in area of the LE:NOTRE Institute Web Platform, with all its resource databases and collaborative tools.
  • Be able to participate in the regular LE:NOTRE eLectures.
  • Stay up to date with your subscription to the LNI supporters only Newsletter which includes Landscape and Landscape Event News as well as members news and calls
  • As a member you can spread the word about your or your colleagues activities by publishing information about events, (conference) calls or other News on
The LE:NOTRE Institute operates with the help of voluntary contributions from its supporters. Supporters, make an annual contribution to support the work of the Institute. Fees are depending on your country of origin and status (student, young or senior professional) and valid for one calendar year. Regardless of when you are becoming a supporter your membership will expire by the end of the calendar year and has to be renewed annually.

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On our website it is at the moment only possible to register as an individual. In case you are interested in an institutional membership please find more information here (.pdf) or contact

The 2015 Bucharest Landscape Forum was the fourth such event organised by LE:NOTRE and the LE:NOTRE Institute will continue to build on the same interactive format established for the successful events 2012 in Antalya, 2013 in Rome and 2014 in Sarajevo.

With currently more than 40,000 entries organised in over 14 separate databases, the Web Platform has developed into a common resource for teaching, learning and research over the 11 years of the LE:NOTRE Project.

The LE:NOTRE Institute eLecture series are focussing on diverse topics such as Urban Agriculture, Water Management, Design Critique, Green Infrastructure and Aspects of Landscape Teaching and Research. Next to the regular series registered members may also watch recordings of past eLectures. To take part all that you need is your computer, an internet connection and a headset.

At the start, we are focusing our efforts on three main areas, but we are keen to hear from supporters and prospective supporters about their ideas for further activities, as well as themes for eLecture series and locations for Forums.

Since its inception in the year 2000, LE:NOTRE has always been a project by and for the landscape community. Now, a year after the end of European Union co-funding, safeguarding the future of everything that has been achieved depends on the support the community gives to the LE:NOTRE Institute...

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Founder Members
Founder members of the LE:NOTRE Institute are those who first became supporters in 2014 or in 2015 before the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum in Bucharest (before 21.4.2015). Founder members do have the right to pay a reduced Founder Members fees, which will allow to participate in all the activities of the Institute. The registration system will recognise founding members automatically and charge a 20% reduced fee for 2015!

ECLAS member information
The LE:NOTRE Institute (LNI) is a foundation that has been established by ECLAS under Netherlands Law. While ECLAS is offering institutional memberships the LE:NOTRE Institute memberships are tailored for individuals. Despite previous ECLAS member user accounts on being no longer valid, accounts may be re-activated by registering as Supporters of the LE:NOTRE Institute. Please note: user accounts on do no longer relate to user accounts.

Your account expired?
In case your user account expired you will be asked to re-activate your account when logging in at To continue your membership add the required information to the online form of our web shop and pay your annual fee.

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Why we need to ask for a supporters’ fee
The reason is simple: organising the LE:NOTRE Institute and programming the web site costs money. Until the end of November 2013 we were co-financed by the European Union by some €200,000 annually. We can no longer continue without any income to pay for the core team. Without a core team to undertake the basic tasks, things would very soon come to a standstill and everything we have achieved since 2002 would be quickly lost.

Asking individuals for a modest annual contribution seems to be the simplest and fairest way to fund the work of the Institute. In this way we will also not be competing with institutional memberships of other organisations.
[It goes without saying that, as before, all Board members and other contributors continue to work on an honorary basis.]
Membership fees
Because we believe that the supporters’ fee should be both affordable and fair, it is difficult to expect everyone to pay the same. As a result our fee structure takes into account both where you live and you professional status. So, for example, a student from Macedonia will pay only a fraction of the fee of a senior professional from Luxembourg.

We have used information published by the European Union to compile the country bands for supporters’ fees, and these also include most countries outside the EU.

Fees are valid for one calendar year. Regardless of when you are becoming a supporter your membership will expire by the end of the calendar year and has to be renewed annually.

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Methods of payment
In order to minimise the bureaucracy associated with paying and managing membership fees, we have built a web shop where you can pay your supporters fee and gain immediate access to the web site. You will be directed to this when you click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Payment, which only needs to be made one a year, can be done using PayPal, Credit Card or ‘Sofort’ in those countries where it operates. If you are not able to use any of these payment systems, please contact us.

Sofort is available in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Slovakia

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